Exponent Lesson Plans

  • Exponent Worksheets
  • Cutting Up in Class, Fractal Style - Students create three-dimensional models demonstrating exponents, multiplying/dividing of fractions, and the use of repeating patterns in tessellations, mirror images, and tiling.
  • Everything Balances Out in the End - Using a balance in the classroom is a first step to algebraic understanding. Use this pan balance (numbers) applet to practice the order of operations in simplifying numerical expressions and to demonstrate the conventions of using algebraic logic in simplifying expressions.
  • Exponents Lesson - Exponents are shortcuts to express a multiplication of a number by itself. Exponents tell you how many times you should multiply the number by.
  1. Exponent Worksheets
  2. Mathline - The objectives of this lesson are for students to explore the patterns of exponential models in tables, graphs, and symbolic forms and to apply what they have learned to make predictions in a real situation.
  3. Multiplying Variables with Exponents - The students will learn that when variables are the same and being multiplied, the exponents should be added.
  4. Prime Factorization Mobile - During this review lesson, students demonstrate their knowledge of prime numbers, composite numbers, and prime factorization using exponents to create a factor tree mobile.
  5. Rational Exponents - To show students how to convert between radicals and rational exponents.
  6. What Is the Difference Between Exponential and Scientific Notation?
  7. You Mean ANYTHING To The Zero Power Is One? - This lesson is a technology-based project to reinforce concepts related to the Exponential Function. It can be used in conjunction with any textbook practice set. Construction of computer models of several Exponential Functions will promote meaningful learning rather than memorization.