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  1. Manipulating Formulae...Using Recipes To Understand- The student will develop a tentative understanding of writing and using formulae.
  2. Fact Family Connection- Students explore the relationship of multiplication and division using arrays.
  3. Family at Home- Students write a family of multiplication and division facts on a piece of paper cut in the shape of a house.
  4. Far Out Fact Families- The student explores related multiplication and division facts.
  5. Gearing Up- In mathematics, a ratio is a comparison of two numbers by division. A gear ratio can be expressed as a ratio to solve real-world problems.
  6. Learning to Use Division (Division Unit Rationale)- Division is a profound topic that is of great importance in a student's learning career. To some, it is one that is learned with great ease and without obstacles to surpass along the way, while for others it is the topic that makes them cringe and never want to look at a single math problem ever again.
  7. Long Division - Students will solve long division problems with whole numbers and/or decimals.
  8. Long division and why it works- The ideas in this division lesson are taken from Multiplication Division 2 ebook.
  9. Making Cents of Division- Students will use pennies as manipulatives to solve simple division problems. They will create division number sentences to correspond with each exercise.
  10. Multiplication & Division Word Problems Made Easy- This lesson helps students determine when to multiply or divide when solving real-world problems. The student will explore why they multiply or divide.
  11. My Dog, Division- Students learn about division by reading this poem.
  12. On Target- Students recall division facts.
  13. Relating Division And Subtraction Lesson Plan- Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to relate the process of division to subtracting equal groups
  14. Roll a Fact- Students will write multiplication and division fact families for two given numbers.
  15. Shopping for Skills- The students will solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals using a grocery flyer from the newspaper. The students will select the appropriate operation to solve specific problems.
  16. What to Do with Leftovers- Students use unifix cubes to explore division with remainders to solve real world story problems.
  17. Which Way Am I Walking?- Students learn the concept of inverses through a real-world example, then relate it specifically to multiplication and division.
  18. Yummy Division- Students divide M&M's into groups and write division sentences to show what they have done.

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