Questions About Spring

Common Questions About Spring

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- What Are Allergies?

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Spring Seeds

What's Spring All About?

- The Changes of Spring
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Spring Season Lessons

April Monthly Helpers Workbook Environment Lesson Plans
Cloze Puzzle - April Theme, Vol. 1 Insects Teacher Resources
Cloze Paragraphs - April , Vol. 2 Ocean Teacher Resources
The Animals of Spring Lesson Series Rainforest Teacher Resources
The Plants of Spring Lesson Series Spring Alphabetization Workbook
Common Questions About Spring Spring Spelling Workbook
What's Spring All About Lesson Series Spring Teacher Resources
March Teacher Helpers Spring Worksheets


The Plants of Spring Lesson Series

- Reading Skills
- Writing Skills

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The Animals of Spring Lesson Series

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More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. A Couch or a Potato- Students classify objects/organisms seen on the Wakulla Springs icam website as living or nonliving.
  2. A Teacher's Guide to Creating a School Butterfly Garden- The ideas and information in this section come from an article written by Jennifer Goodwin Smith in the January 1995 issue of Science and Children (p. 29-32).
  3. Chip Off the Old Block- Students use cards showing pictures of adult and baby animals to identify similar characteristics shared by parents and their offspring.
  4. Easter Egg Hunt- The purpose of this activity is to increase cardiovascular endurance and develop the components of health related fitness.
  5. Easter Egg Orienteering Hunt- The purpose of this event is to develop map reading skills and teamwork.
  6. Fastball Physics- In the spring , many students' thoughts turn to... baseball. This lesson uses baseball to teach the fundamentals of aerodynamics in a way that every student will enjoy. By experimenting with wind tunnel simulation software , students will learn about the forces that give airplanes their lift and curveballs their curve. A curveball contest will let students put their aerodynamic insight to the test.
  7. Four Seasons Class Mural- Students will create a mural depicting themselves participating in an activity appropriate for the season they are studying.
  8. Hummingbird Meteorology Projects- Some students will monitor and collect Meteorology data , especially during spring and fall migration of Hummingbirds , to determine possible effects of weather.
  9. Sensational Seasons- This is the seventh lesson in the Unit, Weather Trackers. Students learn how seasonal weather patterns affect temperature and their lives through concrete, hands-on activities.
  10. Simple Seasonal Sentences- Students will be moving to the music to find their sequencing partners in this stand up version of musical chairs. Students will organize a series of three pictures and as a group write sentences that will describe their pictures.
  11. Spring Doesn't Bug Me- Students make a LADYBUG art item using math vocabulary and measurements of circles. Previously written Haiku poems are affixed to the LADYBUG for a Spring display.
  12. Spring into Science- Students become investigative scientists through observing, recording, and analyzing data collected from Wakulla Springs Video Web Camera.
  13. Starting Plants from Seeds- This seed-starting activity - perfect for April - is the fruit of a collaboration between a registered horticultural therapist and a horticulture educator. Starting seeds captures the promise of a new season.
  14. Succeeding at Kite Day- Succeeding At Kite Day is a learning invitation that encourages students to design a successful kite for flying at the annual spring, school-wide Kite Day.

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