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Alcohol Abuse Lesson Plans

  • A Drink Is a Drink, but People Are Different- Students investigate what is meant by a drink in reference to an alcoholic beverage. Demonstrations using food coloring and water illustrate that various types of alcoholic drinks contain the same amount of alcohol although the total volume of liquid is different.
  • "About Alcohol"- After students complete this section, they will be able to define key words, alcohol, depressant, intoxicated, problem drinking, alcohol dependence, withdrawal.
  1. Alcohol and Advertising- Students will identify the reasons alcohol is harmful to your body.
  2. Alcohol and Driving: When to Say No- Students investigate how drinking alcoholic beverages affects the blood alcohol concentration (BAC). They then explore how gender, body weight, metabolism, and drinking patterns change BAC.
  3. Alcohol Ball- To teach students that alcohol use can cause blurred vision and poor coordination.
  4. Alcohol: Separating Fact from Fiction- For teachers with Web access, the first lesson of the module begins by having students watch two short video clips of mouse activity.
  5. Alcohol Use, Abuse, and Alcoholism- Students also explore the frequencies of alcohol use, abuse, and alcoholism in the population.
  6. Driver Education: Drinking & Driving - Explain how alcohol affects the mental & physical abilities.
  7. Drug & Alcohol Use in the Work Place- This lesson plan is aimed primarily at supervisory personnel. It's focus is on recognizing the signs of a worker's substance abuse problem. Word format.
  8. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- To teach students that pregnant women absolutely should not drink alcohol.
  9. Life in the 20's - WW 2 - The students goals are to figure out how they would live if they were facing the great depression and WW2.
  10. Responding to Alcohol: What's Important?- Students explore the effects of alcohol on the motor activity (movement) of mice by analyzing data from three experiments.
  11. "Targets"- Groups of students will compose a collage of alcohol ads and caption them according to what they believe the "real message" is. They will explain their collage and caption rationale to the class.
  12. Tongue Talk- To teach students that alcohol causes slurred speech.
  13. Understanding Alcohol- A complete unit from the NIH.
  14. Using Alcohol: Setting Limits- Students consider whether a legal limit for alcohol use should be imposed for all public activities, not just driving. Students use the knowledge from previous lessons and evaluate new information to decide whether such a limit should be established and, if so, what BAC limit to impose.

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