What Major Organizations Support Occupational Therapy?

In all stages that a person passes through in life from conception to aging, there is a possibility that his/her capacity to perform daily routines might be interrupted through accident, injury, surgery, chronic illness and neurological disorders. It is in this phase that occupational therapy comes in purposefully to provide strategic interventions to bring an individual into the mainstream of American society.

The meaningful role of occupational therapy is highly recognized that many organizations including government, private companies, health and academic institutions, and non-profit entities benefit from it. Private individuals who can afford make use of occupational therapists' services to facilitate a more convenient recovery or to fast track healing right in their home or health areas.

A most significant milestone in this profession is how the fight against disability has found its way in the law, policy framework, programs and projects of these organizations. Focus lies on the necessity of providing appropriate interventions to cater to the specific needs of persons enabling them to fully participate in activities in order to be functioning citizens in the society where they live.

As a result, occupational therapy has become highly occupied with initiatives to firm up its role in restoring a victim's health socially, emotionally, physically and mentally. It has reached this stage because of the support given internally by those directly involved in the profession and externally like the government and non-government institutions, health sector, and the business community. The support catered to this profession is wide ranging and its role cannot be taken for granted.

Internal assistance comes from the academe which offers scholarships and research grants to students to earn different degrees such as associate, baccalaureate and graduate studies. Almost all state universities offer similar assistance, to mention a few, the Alabama State University, California State University and Governors State University. Private schools lead by Columbia University and University of the Sciences in Philadelphia reinforces this course too. This holds true to Mary Fiorentino Scholarship, Shirley Elings Memorial Scholarship, Kappa Delta Phi Scholarship for Occupational Therapy Assistant and Kappa Delta Phi Scholarship.

Occupational therapists banded together to form their professional organizations at different levels - state, federal and international wide. Their united efforts increased and their competency was standardized. There are state-based associations providing similar endeavors undertaken by the Florence Wood/Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association, Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association and Massachusetts Occupational Therapy Association .

Such associations have developed and sustained partnerships with different organizations to advance and deepen their field. There are over fifty scholarships granted by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation State Association . It partners with the American Occupational Therapy Association in carrying out programs and services that consistently strengthen their efforts in management, education, and conducting further studies.

The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. is a not-for -profit agency that was founded to proffer credential by issuing a certification for the profession. The agency's responsibility ascertains that the public is guaranteed to receive professional and competent service from occupational therapists.

The medical services of occupational therapists are acquired by the health sector. They can be seen working at hospitals, clinic, hospice, private enterprises and even with individuals, schools, sports association, and companies.

With the overwhelming encouragement received continuously by the occupational therapy profession, people who need their specialized care are surely receiving the appropriate programs and services for their needs that the road for their recovery has been paved well and the joy of being able to do their daily activities comes soonest than they expect . Being back to the mainstream becomes the most meaningful contribution of this noble profession to the American society.

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