The pH Scale Lesson Plan


What is the pH Scale?
Why is it important?
Universal Indicator?
How to make a pH Scale
What is it used for?

Goals / Aims of The Lesson Plan

1.To be able to write 2 paragraphs on what the pH Scale is
2.To know what substances can be made from the pH Scale
3. Students will be able to read and determine the pH of various solutions.
4. Students will use wordle to create a word cloud of important vocabulary words.
5. Students will be able to answer vocabulary study questions using their word clouds.
6. Students will see the value of technology in their study habits.


1. No Running with he experiments near
2. Water to the front
3. Students should be able to measure the pH reading of all types of various substances.
4. Students should be able to determine the severity of the nature of acids and bases.
5. Wordle will be used to create word clouds.
6. Word clouds will contain all the vocabulary words from each previous quiz.
7. Printed word clouds will be the only thing used to answer the in class vocabulary study guide.

Materials and Aids

Computer Powerpoint/PHSCALE, pH Paper, Red Litmus, Blue Litmus, Wordle will be used on the computers in the lab.


A. Introduction-

1. Powerpoint/PHSCALE
2. See what students know already about the PH Scale
3. Read about the PH Scale from Science
4. Students will create a "weighted" list using vocabulary words from all the previous quizzes.
5. Students will copy and paste this list into wordle to create a word cloud.

B. Development-

1. Demonstrate pH Scale
2. Explain Safety when handling acids and bases.
3. Describe the properties of acids and bases.
4. Students will print their word cloud and bring it to class the next day.

C. Practice-

1.Go round to each group and get them started
2.Tell the class if there doing anything wrong
3.Keep an eye whilst they do there work on there own
4. Students will use their word cloud to answer in class questions.
5. Students will participate in the class study sessions using their word cloud.

D. Independent Practice-

Write a paragraph on what they think a PH Scale is
1. Students will be able to answer all the at home vocabulary study questions using their word cloud.
2. Students will use their answers on their study guide and their word cloud to complete an on-line pre-test.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Swap with there partner and see what they think

F. Checking for understanding-

1.Whitebpard Game
3. In class participation will be graded.
4. On-line pre-tests will be graded immediately so students can use it to study more for the exam.

G. Closure-

1.Talk to them and answer questons.
2. This should be used a study method and should only enhance the studying process.

H. Evaluation-

Get them to go over there work

1. The following rubric will be used to grade: 1. In class participation and 2. On-line pre-test

I. Reflection-

Check there work and Level it.