Lab Safety Lesson Plan


Develop Rules, Consequences, & Procedures; Go Over Syllabus; Go Over Lab Safety Contract
Chemical Reactions: Fire and Fire Safety

Post-It Note Rule Game
Rules, Consequences, & Procedures discussion
Lab Safety Contract
Combustion, fuel, Fire Triangle, Home Fire Safety

Goals / Aims of The Lesson Plan

1. Students develop Rules for the classroom
2. Students understand and practice procedures
3. Students understand class guidelines and expectations set forth in the class syllabus
4. Students understand guidelines for Lab Safety
5. Know What the Fire Triangle is
6. Know how combustion and fuel are related
7. Know how to prevent fires


1. Post-It Note Rule Game
2. Rules, Consequences, & Procedures
3. Class Syllabus
4. Lab Safety Contract

Materials and Aids

Post-It Notes
Lab Safety Contract


A. Introduction-

1. Introduce myself to students again in case some were not present on Monday
2. Take roll will passing out Name Tents
3. Ask if anyone thinks they can successfully recall all names/food from Name Game for an extra Bathroom Pass
4. Ask "Why do we have laws? What are laws good for?

B. Development-

1. Discuss why laws are good and that they bring order. They keep others from infringing on other's rights.
2. Stress that we need class rules for the same reasons
3. My Big Goal for the semester is for 100% of students to have at least an 84% final average.
4. In order to do so, we need to have rules

C. Practice-

1. Students develop rules using Post-It Notes
2. Students write rules on Post-Its
3. Students place Post-Its on the board
4. Out loud, we will separate rules into categories
5. Rules will eventually equal the rules I have set on the syllabus: Respect everyone at all times; Be on time to class; Come to class prepared with all materials; Follow directions and stay on task
6. We will then go over Consequences for violation of rules:
-1st offense: Verbal Warning
- 2nd offense: Conversation with Teacher after class (w/ reminder of class rules)
- 3rd offense: Write-Off (to be turned in at the BEGINNING of the next class)
- 4th offense: Call and/or e-mail to Parent/Guardian (w/ reminder of class rules)
- 5th offense: Office Referral
7. We will then go over Procedures for:
Entering the classroom
Completing the "Do Now"
Moving around the classroom
Turning in papers
Raising hand to be called on or to be dismissed
Bathroom Passes (hand out)
Completing "Exit Slips" and turning them in to get out of the door
8. I will then pass out the Class Syllabus and go over the policies set forth within it-LAST PAGE MUST BE SIGNED AND TURNED IN BY THURSDAY FOR A DAILY GRADE!
9. If time permits, we will go over the Lab Safety Syllabus--also has a page that must be signed and turned in for a daily grade

Checking for understanding-

1. Have students repeat rules out loud
2. Have students practice procedures


1. Thank students for coming up with our classroom rules
2. Remind them to get their Syllabus signed and turned back in for a daily grade