Chemical and Physical Changes and using the Bunsen Burner Lesson Plan


Subject Matter:
Students will be introduced to various types of Chemical and Physical Changes and the difference between each.

Chemical Change, Physical Change, Chemical Reaction,Melting, Freezing, Vaporization, Condensation, Sublimation, Composition

The chemistry of combustion of butane and the steps associated with safely lighting a Bunsen

Goals / Aims of The Lesson Plan

1. To Learn definitions of Chemical Change and Physical Change.
2.To be able to identify Chemical and Physical Changes
3. To be able to list what clues to look for to identify if a change is physical and chemical
4.Write and balance an the eqution for the combustion of butane in oxygen.
5.Identify the parts of a bunsen burner.
6.Safely light a bunsen and set it to a safety flame.


1.To success fill out Chemical vs. Physical Change Worksheet
2. To complete Chemical vs. Physical Change Activity
3. To share activity and share reasoning behind answers during class discussion.
4. Students will be able to correctly write and balance the equation for the combustion of butane in oxygen.
5.Students will be able to correctly complete a labelled diagram showing the parts of a bunsen.
6. Students will follow the instructions provided to safely light a bunsen burner.

Materials and Aids

1.Chemical vs. Physical Change Worksheet
2.Chemical vs. Physical Change Activity Sheet and pictures.
3. Glue
4. Need to be in a lab.
5. 12 working bunsens required.
6. 30 copies of the parts of a bunsen sheet.


A. Introduction-

1. Introduce topic of Physical and Chemical changes and plan for the day.
2. Pass out worksheet for students to fill in during discussion.
3. Discussion on types of fuels for heating/cooking.

B. Development-

1. Define physical change.
2. Explain clues to look for during physical change.
3. Define chemical change.
4. Explain clues to look for during chemical change.

C. Practice-

1.Give examples of physical and chemical changes
2.Ask students to identify a few examples as a class.

D. Independent Practice-

1. Assign change activity for students to work either individually or in a small group.
2.Review together as a class and ask students to give reason behind their answers.

F. Checking for understanding-

1.Grade worksheet
2.Grade Change Activity
3.Administer a Quiz later on in the week

G. Closure-

1. Ask students to summarize the days lesson
2.Ask students to give definitions for both physical and chemical change.

H. Evaluation-

1.Review grades on the students' assignments
2.Ask students to define physical and chemical change the following day in class.