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  1. A Character Lifebox - Students will work in pairs to create a "life box" of a character in the play.
  2. Add Seasons to Rhyming Poems and Songs - When it is hot and you are on the spot, what could be as cool as a dip in the pool? Or is it a cold winter day? Chase the chill away! Put your rhyming-and singing - skills to the test with this activity.
  3. Animal Kingdom & Plant Kingdom - Students will describe the differences between plants and animals. If unable to talk, students will use pictures to finish sentences begun by the instructer. Students will correctly categorize animal and plant words or pictures into the appropriate categories: plant or animal.
  4. Discover Nursery Rhymes - Nursery rhymes are one of the first ways that children discover the rhythm and rhyme of language. They are educational and fun!
  5. Down the Knoll Without the Water - Students revise fairy tales or nursery rhymes using a thesaurus. They give synonyms for a selected word.
  6. Fingerplays, Action Poems, Nursery Rhymes, and Songs - Fingerplays and rhymes come to life during circle and large group times as preschool children show word meaning through simple actions and finger movements.
  7. Five Christmas Senses - Understand what rhyming is, and will be able to know what rhymes and what does not.
  8. Growing Readers and Writers with Help from Mother Goose - This lesson provides a series of literacy activities based on the familiar words and characters of nursery rhymes that can be used regularly to help children grow as readers and writers. A
  9. Jump Rope Rhymes
  10. Play with Words: Rhyme & Verse - In this lesson, students will use their senses to experience poetry. Students will listen to poems and rhymes, clap out syllables, and sing along with familiar tunes. They will also use puppets and crafts to help recall and retell favorite poems. Finally, students will experience the joy of crafting their own original poems.
  11. Rhyming Words Journal - The learner will use naming words and rhyming words to create a daily journal.
  12. The Rhyming Train Game - Assist the students to learn and understand words that rhyme.
  13. Traditional Chinese Nursery Rhymes - In this activity, students read, discuss and enjoy traditional nursery rhymes from China.
  14. Word Recognition Strategies Using Nursery Rhymes - Nursery rhymes are the perfect vehicle for teaching word families because they are rich with examples of rhyming words. In this lesson, students learn to identify written words with similar endings by singing and reciting nursery rhymes.