Lesson Plan Title : Character Creation through Puppetry

Overview and Purpose: Students will create puppets and a play for them to partake in.


1.Student will learn external characterization specifically through voice.

2.Students will be able to create unique characters by using the puppet profile

3. Students will be able to create a puppet script and follow it in a puppet performance

4. Students will learn about forming a story that is easy to follow with a beginning, middle, and end. (Problem/solution)


1.To create unique characters

2. To portray created characters through external characterization

3. Appropriate Audience behavior

4. Learn the basics of a story.


Student Scripts, Puppet Materials, Puppet Stage



1.Students will create a puppet script

2.Students will create unique and interesting characters

3. Students will begin to learn about blocking through actions used in their scripts.

4. Teacher will discuss beginning, middle and end as well as including a problem and solution.


1. Show how a script should look

2. Show a completed puppet

3. Demonstrate how to make the mouth of a puppet to jumpstart the students creation.

Class Practice:

1. Create puppet script

2. Create Puppet

3. Teacher led, students will practice how to move the puppet to match the emotional state of the puppet.

4. Students will work with their group to practice the puppet show to perfect any issues they may come across