Lesson Plan Title : Film Making Process

Overview and Purpose: Student learning the entire process (start to finish) of what goes into making a film.

Post Production
Sales and distribution


1.Understand the Film Process

2. Know the key jobs that are important to each step in the process

3. Know the broad strokes of each step


1. Write down all 6 steps in the film process

2. Write at least one key job in each step and why they are important to that step

3. Write what happens in each step of production


Overhead Projector to show PowerPoint presentation, Computer to connect to overhead projector, copies of ditto.



1. Ask class if they have ever wondered how a film gets to the movie theater

2. Ask class if they have ever thought of a really great idea for a film and wanted to see it on the big screen for the world to enjoy

3. Tell class they will learn exactly how a film becomes a Hollywood blockbuster, from just a thought to the movie theater screens.


1. I will go through a slide show of graphic images and words that will add visuals to the lesson.

2. I will ask many simple questions that students can relate to for them to understand the material easier.

Class Practice:

1. I will tell students to write down Cornell style notes as we go through the lesson.

2. I will point out key details to write down to ensure no one gets left behind.

3. Students will be given a ditto with various questions after the lecture to answer to verify understanding

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)

1. For students who are more visual learners they will b able to read and see the images from the PowerPoint.

2. For students who are auditory learners they will be able to listen to the explanations I give them.

3. For the more kinesthetic learners I am requiring all students to write down notes as we go so that they can attach action to their learning.

Learning Checkup:

1. After students finish with the ditto we will go over all the answers as a class so the students know which items they need to work on.

2. I will collect the dittos and see which areas were unclear for the students so I can revisit those items.

Wrap Up:

1. I will conclude the lesson by letting each student know that it is possible for any of them to create a block buster hit and know they are empowered to do so.

2. I will let them know that we will be having a quiz on the material so after I hand the ditto back hold on to it and study it.

I will know if students are understanding the material by how they answered the questions on the ditto and how they perform on the test I give them after giving them time to study.