Lesson Plan Title : Relating Film to Real Life

Overview and Purpose: Relate the film Avatar to life. Students will work together to find historical parallels between the Na'vi and the American Indians. Student will also study motivation. Why would humans feel entitled to the Na'vi's resources?


1. Identify and analyze recurring themes and patterns in a script to make production choices in design and direction.

2. Describe the ways in which American history has been reflected in theater.

3. Students will be able to draw parallels between real life current and historical event and Avatar.

4. Student will be able to debate intelligently about the ethics of the opposing forces in Avatar.


1. Students will create a court like setting and defend an assign stance based on Avatar.

2. Students will use history books and movie quotes to defend the humans or Na'vi.


Pictures, History Books, Movie Quotes Sheet



1. Start a discussion about the movie Avatar.

2. Does this movie remind you of any historical events?


1. As a class we will define the two opposing groups.

2. Students will be divided into 2 groups. One side defending the humans, the other the Na'vi

3. Ms Cynthia and Mr. Pierson will have a mock trial as an example.

Class Practice:

1. Student will have 10 minutes to meet with legal teams and get ready for court.

2. Students will read/review history notes and movie quotes.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)

1. Some students will be on the jury and vote on the winning side.

2. Some student will receive quote card with pictures to use as evidence.

Learning Checkup:

Each side must make a closing statement that acknowledges the other side's valid arguments as well and summarizes your team's feeling on the matter.

Wrap Up:

1. Have the students put their donut tickets on their desks.

2. Explain what we have just learned about false entitlement.

3. Tell the students they can take their neighbors' ticket and get their donut on Thursday (No one will stop them).