Educational Technology Journals

  1. Converge Magazine- Technology issues in education are covered in this monthly publication.
  2. Educational Technology Journal- An e-publication that covers issues such as assessment, change, curriculum, grants, information literacy, Internet policies, staff development, and technology planning.
  3. Journal of Computing in Higher Education- publishes peer-reviewed essays, reviews, reports, and research articles that contribute to the understanding of the issues, problems, and research associated with instructional technology and educational management information systems.
  4. Journal of Technology Education- A seasonal e-publication.
  5. Presentations- A good reference for creating on-line or off-line presentations.
  6. Teachnology & Learning- Ideas, tools, and resources for integrating technology into the K-12 school, classroom and curriculum.
  7. T.H.E. Journal- The successful print magazine in an on-line format.