Homework Help Sites To Use With Students

Math Homework Help


  1. Andy's Homework Help Page- Useful pointers and links to other helpful sites.
  2. Chatterbee's Homework Help Center - Homework help on hundreds of topics ranging from Art to Zoology.
  3. ClassBrain.com - Offers homework resources, print-outs, and games. Includes seasonal activities, as well as materials for parents and teachers.
  4. FE Kids - Offers homework help, activities, games, software and more.
  5. Homework and School Help - Provides information and resources related to science, literature, history, art and other educational subjects.
  6. Homework Help Page.com - Hundreds of categorized links to thousands of pages suitable for students. Also includes links for teachers and educators.
  7. The Internet Public Library - Features directories of online texts, newspapers, magazines, and reference materials.
  8. Keys to knowledge and homework - Step by step guide to homework study techniques.
  9. KidsEdge [ Kids ] - Educational resource for children includes homework help, educational games, safe website connections, and books online.
  10. Lycos Zone - Designed for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade. Offers homework help, a youth reference section featuring an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas and more.
  11. Mrs. M's Study Skills Page - Provides tips to help middle and high school students study more effectively.
  12. Multnomah County Library Homework Center - Links to web sites and pages that concentrate on K-12 homework-related subjects. Web resources included are reviewed by librarians.
  13. MysticalKnowledge: Homework Help - College students will answer homework questions via email; almost any subject, K-12. Free service.
  14. National Center for Education Statistics Classroom - Includes educational games and activities, research tools, vocabulary, kids magazine, and directories of schools and libraries.
  15. The Study Stack - Helps with memorization tasks. Students may use an existing studystack or create one of their own. Includes many topics.