What Are The Largest Educational Technology Conferences In the U.S.?

Educators and stakeholders interested in knowing what the largest educational technology conferences in the U.S. are will not be surprised to know that the four biggest conferences in the United States are also the longest running educational technological conferences in the country. These are:

The CUE Annual Conference

The CUE conference has been running for 30 years, and is one of the oldest and largest educational technology conference in the United States. It is hosted in California and features hands-on workshops, technological exhibits, seminars, keynote speeches from respected speakers in the educational technology industry. This three-day conference invites all teachers, students, parents, and other stakeholders of the educational industry to participate in the many activities the conference offers.

Florida Educational Technology Conference

The FETC is the 2nd largest ed tech conference in the United States. It offers stakeholders various opportunities to learn and share their knowledge with each other thru conference activities that showcase the use and benefits of technology in the classroom and in the learning environment. FETC also hosts an online conference that is absolutely free. All you have to do is register online and get access to valuable presentations and product demos offered by various educational technology companies.

The Annual Ohio Technology Conference

This premiere development event hosted in Ohio attracts thousands of participants from educational participants to regular students to technology companies. It is the 3rd largest conference of its kind in the United States. This event is organized by educators for educators and other stakeholders wanting to improve the delivery of educational services through technology and new devices. The conference has over 500 workshops, exhibits, and other activities that highlight the importance of technology in the educational institution. There are more than 250 technology companies invited to this conference to showcase their wares and share their knowledge and experience in developing technologies for educational use.


University Business Leader Institute Educom is another one of the country's top ed tech conferences. This conference focuses more on the business and leadership opportunities provided by technology to university graduates and educational professionals. Hosted in Hilton Walt Disney World resort, this educational technology conference lasts for three days and covers such topics as communication technology, behavioral changes cause by technology, making use of technology to hurdle hard economic times, marketing one's skills in the online world.

International Society for Technology Education Conference

The ISTE conference is held in Pennsylvania convention center and is another world-class educational technology conference in the country. ISTE is formerly known as NECC. It has been running for 32 years and features over 700 sessions with IT professionals and expert educators. It also offers virtual workshops and offsite activities; a great alternative for those that can't come to the convention center. The conference also boasts participation of international delegates and key industry players.


EduCause is a nonprofit organization that hosts an annual educational technology conference. The conference is primarily targeted at higher education stakeholders. Resources include applied research, professional development, leadership seminars, and collaborative efforts between educators and technology companies.

Campus Technology

Campus Technology is a conference that has been running for 17 years. It is hosted in Boston, Massachusetts at Seaport World Trade Center. Like most educational technology conference, Campus Tech runs for three days and offers many of the same activities that ed tech conferences do. Perhaps what is unique in this conference is that it offers a $20,000 giveaway to participants just by visiting three locations in the exhibit floor.

There are many more educational technology conferences in the country. Some are as large as these famous conferences while some are just small, community sponsored conferences.

Educational Technology Conferences

  1. Florida Educational Technology Conference
  2. International Conference on Technology and Education (ICTE)
  3. NetDay National- Conferences available in multiple locations.