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It is all about the attention span. Kids, as they go down to the years of the latter generations, develop a shorter attention span. Who could blame them? There is just too much amazing stuff to play with that when something new comes up, kids would want to automatically get it and drop the other.

In a world of video games, portable game gadgets, sophisticated cell phones, a teacher would have to find ways of getting his students to listen to the lesson and to keep his attention there while at that.

These are 10 Quick Bulletin Board Themes for Teachers. But question is how much space does a teacher have? Try finding this out first then choose which of the following tips to take.

Make it seasonal. There are four seasons and it would be great if all these four would reflect the appearance of a teacher's classroom. If it is winter time, then decorate in white color, paste cut-outs of snow flakes, etc. If it's spring time, decorate to produce a good and fresh ambience. If it is summer, then a beach theme is great, and during fall, the best decoration would probably be leaves fallen from balding trees.

Second is to decorate it with the least amount of time. In this way the decoration of the bulletin board can be changed as often as wanted. The way to do this is to do the decoration in a big sheet of paper which can just be glued or stapled to the bulletin board. The whole sheet can be removed easily once the decoration has to change.

Third, make an interactive bulletin board. A bulletin board does not have to be all pictures. It could be something that students could write on.

Forth, a bulletin board can be a repository of student's work. The board can have pockets on it for different days of the week, where all excellent works can be placed. For example, on Monday, a teacher gave a pop quiz. The top five scorers in that quiz get to have their works posted on the bulletin board.

Fifth, make a photo album. A bulletin board in a classroom does not always have to be educational. Rather it can be inspirational. It can contain pictures of the class during a camping trip, or any moment that is fun and loving when reminisced, that every time the students stand in front of that board, they will feel the camaraderie and love in the class that studying would be a walk in the park.

Sixth, make it motivational. A bulletin board can contain records of good performance. This is a common use of the board where teachers put the names of the students and put a star next to the names corresponding to a job well done.

Seventh, depending on the subject, make your board a combination of visual aids that represent the subject. Pictures, paintings, text�. Anything that will make the class appreciate the subject and to want to learn more.

Eighth, a bulletin board may contain trivial information that would be amazing and interesting to know. The board can have a quote for the day, a "Did you know�" for the day, etc.

Ninth, make students think and do little research using the bulletin board. For example, post a question on the board, answerable within a week - something that they will have to research about to find out the answer to. Then the first one to have a guess shall write it down on the same board. First to answer correctly gets an extra credit.

Tenth, a bulletin board can be something of somewhat permanence. If the teacher does not have time to change it every now and then, it would be better to place there the syllabus, general information about the subject, etc.

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