The World Five Largest Sources for News Regardless Of the Language(s) You Can Speak

The world needs to hear. But not all ears comprehend one language. There are media companies surfacing now that offer their news content in different languages.

Headland media is one of the largest in this industry. This company is a content provider for news worldwide, for entertainment, including music, providing to different industries worldwide. It is based in the United Kingdom and has offices in the continent of Asia and also in the United States. Having worldwide market it employs highly-skilled and experienced journalist who write the most compelling articles in 11 different languages to be able to serve its clients of local personalities and various tongues.

Agence France Presse or AFP is a multimedia company providing newsfeeds in the different languages, among this are English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabicm also in Chinese and Japanese through certain partner agencies. It operates worldwide and covers around 5,000 stories everyday in the said languages. The delivery of news from AFP is through satellite and the internet. It covers newsworthy events about conflicts, wars, politics, health, science and technology, entertainment, music, arts, film, sports, nature, etc.

Sourcefabric is another media organization that provides news in different languages. It is a one of the largest in its industry in Europe. It is not for profit and they work for quality and with independence providing sources to newspapers, media enterprises, and the like.

News Certain is a multilingual distributor of multimedia news. It distributes news releases from different sources and does it in different languages. By signing up as a member, one may publish his stories automatically through NewsCertain. This multimedia company is not like other media companies that create their own stories and give their readers worldwide an impartial and factual up-to-day news stories. In NewsCertain, people publish their press releases or provide their own news stories for which NewsCertain publishes.

BBC is one of the largest news organizations in the world and broadcasting news and current affairs from all corners of the world to all nationalities. It provides multilingual news services to cater to all people subscribing to them and watching them everyday through the television, online and radio. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Company and first broadcasted through the radio. Televised broadcasting started after a few decades and since then has been one of the more reliable and watched news channel in the world.

The five multimedia companies mentioned above are the world five largest sources for news regardless of the language(s) you can speak. It can be watched, heard or read by people no matter what language they speak because these companies acknowledge that knowledge of the news is everyone's right and that English is not the only means it can be communicated.

Many media companies nowadays are acknowledging that for them to reach the world, they have to communicate effectively. Without being multilingual, they will only be serving a portion of the world. And though this might be a significant portion, is still but a portion. Media organizations covering the four corners of the world, capturing the latest on wars, conflicts, economic turmoil, economic breakthrough, civil war, civil conflict and the like should be able to tell the whole world in an impartial and most accurate way the details of these events. World events cannot be covered by local news channels. Journalist for local news may not have the mobility to be in 2 different parts of the world and cover two history-making events and report these to their locality. Big media organizations are commissioned to do this. Thus, they have to be able to do so in all languages possible.

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