Where Can You Ask Questions About Learning English?

Where can you ask questions about learning English? You can do this online. The internet offers almost everything in the world and that includes probably every question one can have about how to learn the English language.

English as second language is a very common business nowadays. Some parts of the world, especially in the eastern part are realizing the value and the necessity of being able to communicate through the English language.

In countries like South Korea, Taiwan, etc., already included in the curriculum of children as early as in grade school is English. Children are also put in tutorial services after school, aside from other tutorial classes they are enrolled in.

English is being taken rather seriously in many of these countries. But learning the language does not have to be always in a classroom setting or for a cost. Learning English can be done through the internet. There are websites that offer exercises so one can test himself in his grammar and pronunciation skills. For example there is a site that gives for free 50 basic English question quizzes. Each item is a question in English answerable by one of the four possible answers from the selection. The question is a simple answer that is usually a close-ended one, which is answerable by yes or no. The goal of this quiz is to test one's ability to comprehend a question, knowledge of the meaning of the words and of the grammar rules. This site has different types of test. There are some concentrated on learning about tenses, verbs, prepositions, grammar, etc. They also come in different levels. There is the basic one, the average level, intermediate, lower and upper intermediate and the advanced level.

Where Can You Ask Questions About Learning English? The most appropriate answer to this question still depends on what kind of question one would like to ask. The internet provides lots of information about a wide variety of questions regarding the language it could just be a person's one-stop shop for all questions regarding the language. However for a more advanced level the web might be a limited source. This only offers common questions and simple explanations thereto. But for a more thorough questioning and answering, it would be best to enroll in an English class or an English tutorial service. The good thing about this is that there is actually a person to ask you the question, detect your mistakes in answering them and give you a detailed explanation about the rules and principle behind the answer.

Learning English in a classroom setting may not be free as when it is offered online but in this setting, getting answers to one's question is not only what one gets. But also understanding and comprehension of the reason behind every answer and how this will be applicable in other situations.

There are websites online where you can sign ask any question and wait for answers after providing your name, address and location. For a fee one could be a member in these sites and ask any questions. As one signs up, a personal tutor of teacher will be assigned to him and this person will be accountable for every answer he provides. Some of this sites give answers for free and some for a fee. Paid or not, it may be of same quality and accuracy. But these schools or sites would always take the paid ones priority. And services for English as Second Language being very in demand recently, one might be better off paying a little amount to learn the English language.

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