Where Can You Teach and Learn English As A Second Language Online?

Many countries now are realizing the value of knowing the English language. English is an international language and being able to speak it gives puts anyone at a better advantage over someone who is not. South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China are just few of the countries that are on the move to becoming international giants through the widespread studying of the English language.

But where can you teach and learn English as a second language online? It is now easy to find websites that offer tutoring services for enrollees to learn English as their second language. These sites look for two people: People who can teach the language, not necessarily speakers of the language of the students, and those who want to learn English.

If you know how to speak English and know the rules of grammar, spelling and comprehension, have internet connection and can teach online, then you are the first person these sites are looking for. You do not need to be able to speak the first language of the students but it would be a big advantage if so.

Usually the students enrolling in ESL (English as a Second Language) schools or sites already have a basic knowledge of English or that they know basic phrases for which the teacher can work with. From a simple "My name is Kim Sak Soon" or a mere "Thank you" a good English teacher can already begin building a higher foundation of the language to these foreign speakers.

There are different levels of students. There are the beginners, average level speakers, the advance level, etc. Those in the beginner level are those that know only the hi, hello of the language. Teachers who also know their language are the best teachers for these types of students. Schools or sites pay a very high premium for these types of teachers.

Students who wish to learn the English language just have to enroll in ESL schools and websites if they want to learn. Normally, students enroll in actual schools to get English classes. This is more common though for younger students. But for those working at day time and only have time at night or early in the morning, they opt to do online classes. It is less time-consuming and less demanding in effort and time.

People enrolling in online schools teaching English as second language do so for several different reasons. It could be that they simply want it for their own accomplishment, or that they need it to get promoted as is the case in many companies. It is not uncommon for companies to require an employee to pass an English proficiency test before they will be eligible for promotion. This is a requirement mostly because companies are going global and they want their executives to be able to represent their companies in any transaction anywhere in the world. Another reason is so that they can travel anywhere in the world. Being able to speak English is like having a pass to all places because in any country, though it might differ in level, the English language will always be a useful tool for survival.

So where can you teach and learn English as a second language online? You may surf the internet through the keywords English as second language. Whether you are an aspiring teacher or a hopeful student, the internet is your friend in looking for online schools that offer teaching jobs and English lessons.

There are also free online sites that do tutoring services. It is not as extensive as the one that you pay for but it is good to know there is this alternative.

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