Where Can You Find A Science Expert To Answer Your Questions Online

A science expert is a person well versed in a specific body of knowledge that requires skill, training and methodology. Science can range from natural sciences to technological sciences. The goal of this article is to answer the question "where can you find a science expert to answer your questions online?" This will be done by providing a series of steps and search engine tips and techniques.

The easiest way to answer the question "where can you find a science expert to answer your questions online?" is to just type in the self same question on a search engine in the internet. This will populate the page with sever results under multiple pages. However this type of internet search is a waste of time. The first thing a searcher needs to do is to narrow down the search to ensure that queries which populate the search engine is applicable and up to date.

First, is to determine the kind of science we are talking about.

Narrowing down the search to a specific science means that the searcher will have an easier tie sorting out the search results. This avoids wasting tie on websites that do not meet the needs of the searcher. For example, if the searcher is looking for an expert in physics then he or she should input "science expert on physics", if the searcher is looking for an expert in geography then he or she should input "science expert on geography." A very important tip is to be as specific as possible. For example, instead of "science expert on geography why not input "science expert on American geography."

What kind of science expert are you looking for?

Do you require the expert to be an expert in actual practice, in theory, in new technology regarding the science or all of the above. Narrowing down the search is very important because experts in the field of science usually specialize not only on subject matter but on different aspects of the science. An expert in the field may yield on the job experience knowledge but lacks adequate credentials. An academician may have an MBS and a PhD but lacks actual experience. Knowing this fact and inputting this on the search query will save the searcher a lot of time and embarrassment. For example, type in "field expert on geography" or academic expert on geometry." A very good tip to remember is that most academicians are found in universities, if field expertise is what the searcher is looking for then best to look for those who work on government and non government science departments.

Where does the searcher reside?

This is very important because science experts may or may not be comfortable communicating with the searcher online, and there is only so much that the internet can do. In some cases proper consultation is always key to a proper research. This means that whenever possible, narrow down the search to a specific location. For example geography experts in Orange County is a more localized approach than geography expert in California. Whenever possible start within the vicinity and slowly increase the search.

How much of an expert should? This may or may not be important depending on the research being conducted. In some cases, especially in academic researches, a MBA or a PhD is required of the expert. However in some cases especially in the field, a post graduate diploma may not be as important as actual hands on experience on the subject matter.

In closing, "where can you find a science expert to answer your questions online?" is easy enough to answer. The searcher needs only to type in the same statement. However a proper researcher knows when to narrow down a search. Remember, working smart always beats working hard.

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