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It is a sad truth that once many of us graduate from school or college, we will never see or talk to many of the people that we spent years of our life with ever again. This is because of how our lives take different routes and how many of us will go down various tangents in order to get the things that we want. However, all of this doesn't mean that we can't keep in touch with our school alumni.

The dawn of the Internet has meant that many of us have been able to become connected with the celebrities we love, let alone our old friends from High School. In this article, we are going to look at the various tactics which you can use to track down some of your best friends online.

Social media has become the latest craze in the past couple of years - with many people now taking Facebook profiles and Twitter pages under their wings. One of the defining features of these services is the ability to search for various people on these websites, and a simple name query can allow you to find out more about a person you haven't seen for years in seconds. This novel idea means that you can read up more about the 'bio' that they might have which explains themselves, and the things that they are up to once they update their page.

If you get an account on one of these social media platforms yourself, you can begin to send direct messages to them - or, in some cases, you will even be able to chat with your old friends in real-time. This can be a really tempting notion if you have some questions which you have been dying to ask them, or if you want to arrange a meeting at some point in order to reminisce on old times. You can even look at photos which document their life since you might have seen them last.

This is not the only method which is at your disposal, though. There are some websites which specialize in connecting alumni like yourself. On these services, you can search for people who were in your class by narrowing down your state, your school and the year that you graduated. From here, you will be drawn a list of all of the people who were in your class. From here, you can determine who you want to talk to and have a great time - the fact that they are on this website indicates that they are open to conversation.

If your friend is technologically illiterate, there is always the chance for you to search for their name in the phonebook or in the various directories that are available. They might have an online presence with their company explaining their role in the workplace, you never know. The great thing about the Internet is this, where there is a will there is a way when you are finding your school alumni.

School Alumni Directories

  1. Alumni Highway
  2. Alumni.Net
  3. American Alumni Directory
  4. Gradfinder
  5. High School Alumni
  6. High School Reunions Online.
  7. Schoolbuddies