What Alternative Education Programs Are Available For Students

Presently, there are various kinds of alternative education programs that students of all ages can avail themselves of. Because of the evolution of education from the traditional form to special types of learning, there is no doubt that more alternative education programs shall be created. Alternative education is a learning system that is unlike the traditional way where students are gathered in one class and getting educated on a particular curriculum. The difference is the way education is taught to a particular student who cannot avail of the usual way of schooling due to certain circumstances.

One kind of an alternative education program is when a school does not employ the usual strategies for their students to learn. An example is not utilizing the usual school textbooks. Instead, the school teaches the students what they wish to learn. This is a specialized form of education where students study what interests them. There are many institutions that say students become more successful when they are taught what they want to know instead of following the typical curriculum of a school.

There are schools that use another language during school days so that students would be able to learn that certain language. This is also looked upon as an alternative education program. The purpose for this is to immerse the students in that language. For example, if a student who wishes to learn French enrolls in a class on this subject, the students are required to speak French all throughout instead of using textbooks to learn. This way, the students learn French easily as they are already immersed in the language.

There are disciplinary schools that only accept students who are delinquents or who have failed their classes in the traditional school. This can also be considered as an alternative education program. Students in this school are also those who have violated school rules, those who have performed immoral acts or those who have committed an act that the community condemns.

There are also schools offering alternative education programs that concentrate on a certain subject because it is a requirement of the student in preparation for job or a specific endeavor. These types of schools follow the traditional structure or flow of other schools but the difference is that they offer different subjects. An example is a Science High School or a school for interior design.

Another type of alternative schooling is home study. Students who study online are considered taking up alternative education. This is especially true to younger students such as athletes, actresses and singers who do not have the time to go to school and are instead educated via the Internet. Parents can also educate their children via home schooling.

There are many alternative schools nowadays that specially cater youth offenders, delinquents and those who cannot cope up with traditional schooling. The cause for such attitude may be because of family problems, academic deficiencies and other psychological dilemmas. Such schools can also cater to working students who have to work during the day for the survival of their families.

The biggest contribution of alternative education program is the reduction in the number of dropouts. Dropping out can lead to other major youth issues such as teenage pregnancy, drug addiction and juvenile delinquency. Giving an alternative form of education to those who cannot avail of the traditional form of education will result to more successful young people. Because they were able to get educated, they go back to society equipped with knowledge and the possibility of employment. They become better citizens.

The idea behind alternative education programs is to provide all kinds of options of learning to everyone so that the process of acquiring knowledge is continuous. There are many options available and there will sure be many new ideas and initiatives coming our way each year. Listed below you will find some organizations that are always working towards positive change.

Alternative Education Organizations

  1. Iowa Association of Alternative Education
  2. National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools