What Are the Largest Adult and Continuing Education Organizations?

There are many adult and continuing education organizations in the world and the largest of them have websites. In this article are some of the biggest organizations that give services related to adult and continuing education.

The National Adult Literacy Database, Inc. is a non-profit charity that gives literacy programs and information on vital skills and resources on the internet for free. It is based in Canada and was founded in 1989. They have had 5 million visitors who checked out 13 million pages of their stored data. 6 million of their documents were downloaded in 2007 to 2008. Their website was created for the Canadian community to improve its literacy rate and harness skills of the people. The individuals behind the organization believed that people will be able to work and create a better nation through the improvement of literacy and essential skills. The organization hopes to develop more educational programs for the workplace.

Literacy Link is also one of the biggest adult and continuing education organizations. Their mission is to reach those adults that cannot be accessed and provide them with good adult basic education utilizing the latest technology. They also provide tools for these adults to prepare for the GED. For their goals, they use the internet, video and printed documents which they deem useful to their adult learners in their workplace.

The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education wishes to see a better society and developed manpower through education. They believe that the world would be a better place to live in by educating adults, developing their skills and promoting good values for them to have a better quality of life. They lead in the field of adult and continuing education by providing opportunities to people who work in this field, networking with other adult educators, advocating and disseminating vital related information, theories and activities, promoting quality standards of the profession, and lobbying for the support of government.

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training promotes and develops excellent continuing education and training through research, data-gathering and sticking to the criteria, standards and beliefs it has set. IACET is an association that does not make any profit in its endeavors. It accredits institutions that give education to learners based on a set of guidelines. Learners usually look for the accreditation of IACET before they choose an education provider. Their standard is being followed by many international educational programs.

The Association for Continuing Higher Education, Inc. is an organized group of people, colleges, and universities that work together to promote lifetime learning and achieving quality continuing education. They encourage their members and their networks to advocate continuing education as a way to harness and develop society.

The Workers' Educational Association is the most popular and biggest adult and continuing education organization based in the United Kingdom. Created in 1993, their mission is to support working people of all genders who could not acquire education because of lack of funds. Presently, they offer courses to all types of adults. They still maintain helping people who have no capability to get an education due to lack of economic resources. They give 10,000 adult education courses annually and their beneficiaries have reached more than a hundred thousand. They come from all ages and from different places, and they have varied interests. The organization works with the local communities and organizations to fulfill its mission of bringing education to the grassroots level.

These are a few of the largest adult and continuing organizations that are dedicated to bring about social change and development to the world through adult and continuing education.