Which Colleges Have Great Debate Teams?

Below is the list of highly competitive debate teams in the United States: (in alphabetical order)

1. Berkeley
2. Boston College
3. Case Western University
4. Cornell University
5. Dartmouth College
6. Emory University
7. Georgetown University
8. Harvard University
9. New York University
10. Northwestern University
11. University of Florida
12. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
13. University of Rochester
14. University of Southern California
15. University of Texas
16. University of Vermont
17. Vanderbilt University
18. Wake Forest University

It is also noteworthy to know that there are also a lot of opportunities with schools that have great law and political science programs.

There are three major leagues that hold debate competitions yearly and these are the APDA, CEDA and the National Debate Tournament. Teams that emerge as top teams depend on results for the year.

Why is it important to select a good debate program? For those who are decided to debate in college, some of the guidelines that one can view. For example, not everybody can be good at debate.

First question that comes into mind is how much time will one devote to debate? Remember that debate will cost you a lot of time and perseverance. There is also no doubt that debates are a highly competitive academic sport. Participants are required to have more patience and analytical skills in pursuance of excellence. This will also evaluate their ability to handle pressures and forge friendships as well.

In choosing which college debate program one should choose, it is vital that he or she is serious about college debate or else it would only be a waste of time for the student involved. There are various college debate programs and each of these have unique personalities. These could either be parliamentary debate or traditional type, for public or private schools or for national or regional programs.

For further inquiries you can always check online and contact the school of your choice. It would also help if you can spend time in visiting the campus and pinpoint the benefits of each of these debate teams. Find out the support college debaters get and who coaches these teams. It would also be a great way to find out what type of financial aid is available.

In the long run, debate can be a very helpful and insightful experience for any student aiming to be the best. It is also a rewarding experience that comes with many benefits such helping one build a very successful and established careers.

There are over 112 schools that offer policy debate programs all throughout the country that is worth checking out:

1. Appalachian State
2. Arizona State University
3. Augustana College (Illinois)
4. Bakersfield College
5. Bard College
6. Baylor University
7. Binghamton University
8. Boston College
9. Cal Polytechnic State University
10. Capital University
11. Case Western Reserve University
12. City University of New York
13. Clarion University
14. Columbia University
15. Concordia College
16. Cornell University
17. CSU-Chico State
18. CSU-Fullerton
19. CSU-Northridge
20. Dartmouth College
21. Denver University
22. East Los Angeles College
23. Eastern Washington University
24. Emory University
25. Emporia State University
26. Florida International University
27. Florida State University
28. Folsom Lake College
29. Fordham University
30. Gainesville State College
31. George Mason University
32. George Washington University
33. Georgetown University
34. Georgia State University
35. Gonzaga University
36. Harvard University
37. Idaho State University
38. Illinois State University
39. Indiana University
40. James Madison University
41. John Carroll University
42. Johns Hopkins University
43. Johnson County CC
44. Kansas City Kansas Community College
45. Kansas State University
46. Liberty University
47. Michigan State University
48. Missouri State University
49. Modesto Junior College
50. Monmouth University
51. New York University
52. Northwestern University
53. Pepperdine University
54. Rutgers University
55. Sacramento-CSU
56. Samford University
57. San Diego State University
58. San Francisco State-CSU
59. Santa Clara University
60. Southern Methodist Univ.
61. Southwestern College
62. Stanford University
63. Texas State University
64. The New School
65. The University of Louisiana
66. Towson University
67. Trinity University
68. U.S. Military Academy
69. U.S. Naval Academy
70. UCLA
71. University of California-Berkeley
72. University of Central Oklahoma
73. University of Florida
74. University of Georgia
75. University of Houston
76. University of Iowa
77. University of Kansas
78. University of Kentucky
79. University of Louisville
80. University of Mary Washington
81. University of Massachusetts
82. University of Miami (FL)
83. University of Michigan
84. University of Minnesota
85. University of Missouri-Kansas City
86. University of Nevada at Las Vegas
87. University of North Texas
88. University of Northern Iowa
89. University of Notre Dame
90. University of Oklahoma
91. University of Oregon
92. University of Pittsburgh
93. University of Puget Sound
94. University of Redlands
95. University of Richmond
96. University of Rochester
97. University of South Florida St. Petersberg
98. University of Southern California
99. University of Texas Dallas
100. University of Texas-Austin
101. University of Texas-San Antonio
102. University of Vermont
103. University of West Georgia
104. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
105. University of Wyoming
106. Vanderbilt University
107. Wake Forest University
108. Wayne State University
109. Weber State University
110. West Virginia University
111. Western Connecticut State University
112. Wichita State University