The Best Places To Find Out About Teacher Professional Development Conferences

Almost every state in the USA, if not all, requires a different set of standards that professional teachers have to meet before they are allowed to practice teaching. The Professional Development Conference or PDC is one of the few ways to get prepared.

The Professional Development Conferences or PDC is one of the greatest sources of information, contacts and knowledge for one to be successful in this ever-changing world. The PDC offers a wide-ranging program, professional and credible speakers, vigorous discussions, high-caliber teaching sessions, and it equips every participant with skills and information that will make him a better leader.

One of the best places to find out about teacher professional development conferences is in one's State Board of Education. The State Board of Education has all the information regarding Professional Development Conferences. It is of course the governing body of a state's educational system so there is no other place to get information about the PDC rather than here.

Another great resource for conferences is from the State Board of Education, and information from the board may be obtained either from its office or from its website. When one visits the website of the best places to find out about teacher professional development conferences, which is the State Board of Education, he can find the things that a teacher need to get to be qualified or to have an above-average qualification. Examples are the Standard teaching certification and its requirements when moving from the Initial level; how to meet certificate renewal requirements if getting a Standard or a Master teaching certificates for early childhood level, primary, high school and special education level.

The website will also show what workshops, conferences, trainings and symposia are available and which ones require an approved provider to be conducted. Examples are workshops, conferences, trainings and symposia where those holding certificates would earn CPDUs or the Continuing Professional Development Units. Another example are the mentoring programs and induction programs, coursework that are self-assessed, etc. The prep coursework for the NBTS or the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards also requires an approved provider.

Specifically the Illinois State Board of Education. They seem to be the leader in the field. In the website of the Illinois State Board of Education, one would see that there are activities he can take in order to get certifications for better qualification for a teaching job. The good ones are usually those that require an approved provider. Such approval goes through the Professional Development Providers System (PDP).

Make sure to use the Internet to the fullest. This is usually a helpful tool as information is available in a few clicks. In Atlanta, Georgia, for example, the annual Professional Development Conference has been conducted a month ago, and all information regarding this can be found online. The website for this contains almost everything, if not all, that one needs to know about this conference. It even goes so far as indicating the agenda for each day. Who the speakers are in this conference are often an indicator of how big and how prepared the organizers are. And the names of the speakers are often included in the site, their title, qualifications, current affiliation, etc. Make sure to check the conferences web site how to register to the event, where exactly is the conference located, hotel and travel information, exhibits, exams, safety measures and frequently asked questions.

Professional Development Conferences

For Administrators
For Educational Technology
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  2. All American Music Festival of Orlando- "The All American Music Festival is the only festival that gives each director a copy of their group's performance on audio CD! Audio files of each group's performance along with group photos are also available for download on this website."
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