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Teaching Idea

Who's Next?
Jill Kasler, 6th Grade Teacher

"Mrs. Kasler, Mrs.Kasler, Mrs. Kasler!!" When I was hearing my name too many times from too many students at once, I decided to devise a plan where I could help each student fairly. I took my preprinted calendar numbers and placed them in a prominent place in my room. I told the students that when they needed my help during independent work time, to take a number. This works like it does in a deli! Take a number and wait your turn to be served. The kids loved it because there was no one "cutting in" for help and each student knew that I would be there to help them as soon as their number was called!

Teaching Idea

Strengths and Weaknesses
Karen, Inclusion Teacher: Dover, NY

"Use the seating Arrangement of students to benefit the students. Most classrooms contain students with a variety of skill levels. It is necessary to get to know your students in order to place them in mutually helpful locations. Place a strong reader, for example, close to an improving reader. In addition, position students with well-developed independent work habits close by those with improving work habits. Often this leads to a win win situation. The improving reader/worker improves even more and the other student has an opportunity to view how their input can help a classmate."

Teaching Idea

Instill Ownership
Scott, 4th Grade Teacher: Norfolk, Virginia

"A technique that I have used in seating Arrangements is the ownership method. I often give the students choice in there seating Arrangement, provided they are able to continue demonstrating their best work and social habits. After the students choose their ideal seating location, a contract as to the conditions they must obtain is discussed and agreed upon. For example, the student may continue to sit in the particular location provided they work quietly during independent work time and demonstrate solid listening skills during instructional time. Some students can manage the contract more than others can. If it is determined the seating choice is not in the best interest of the student, or those around them, an alternative location is chosen by the teacher."

Teaching Idea

Get Them Out of Rows!!!
Stephen, High School Teacher: Baltimore, Maryland

"The best thing I did about seating Arrangements was to get my students out of rows and arrange them into groups of four-five seated at a table. Even though I had the old fashioned desks, I arranged the desks so that the students were able to face each other and interact in positive ways. Assignments are so much easier to complete because students work together and have each other to cooperate with. It is so much easier to monitor their behavior because you are handling groups of maybe four to five instead of individual students that can sometimes be up to twenty-four. The students like this Arrangement is much more conducive to problem solving and working as a team. After all, isn't that what we are expected to do in the real world?"

Teaching Idea

Edna, Primary Grade Teacher: Atlanta, Georgia

"It is a good idea to pair your students during times that writing takes place. It is much easier for primary grade students to complete a writing assignment if they can share their thoughts with each other, especially during the pre-writing stage. Arrange desks or tables so that students can be in pairs during writing activities. This enables them to proof read each other's writing and also fosters language learning in dialoguing during this time of pairing. It promotes social skills in the area of communication. You can rotate pairs so that students get to interact with a variety of people."

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