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Printing Help For Gold Members

All printable documents in our gold package are available as Adobe Acrobat files in portable document format (PDF), a format that allows access to electronic documents that look exactly like paper versions from any type of computer (Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX/Linux) provided it has the appropriate viewing software.

In order to view and print Acrobat PDF files, you will need to obtain a copy of the free Acrobat Reader software and then install it on your computer. You can obtain the software directly from Adobe's web site.

Printing is as simple as selecting Print... from the File menu. Since Acrobat documents can often be long and complex, we've found that printing may be a slow process (depending on the speed of your computer). It may be worthwhile to print a page range instead of the entire file, or test print a single copy to see how long it takes.

Be careful when using the Go to Page... command to specify a print range. In some documents, the range you specify may not reflect the page numbers shown within the document. For example, some documents have a few unnumbered pages at the beginning or pages numbered with Roman numerals. In documents where this is a problem, we've added a note to that effect.

Printing Help For FREE Worksheets And Platinum Members

The vast majority of printable pages available on and are in HTML format. Due to the use of HTML format, printing success will vary based on your printer, ISP, web browser, and operating system. All printable pages are optimized for printing via Internet Explorer 7.0+.

For best results when printing with Web browsers, find the page setup dialog box. In Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, click File, then click Page Setup to set printing margins.

If the printable output is not satisfactory, we suggest that you cut and paste the document into a word processor application. This will allow you to manipulate the document to meet your specifications.

Is The Printable Version Not Appearing On Free Worksheets?

Our printable version module for our free worksheets is generated by the information sent from your computer. If your computer is running a privacy blocker, you will not be able to see the printable version. This is because the privac blocker you are running does not send the complete information. To enable our the printable version, just shut off your privacy blocker while requesting the printable version.