Letter D Teaching Terms

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Final date for the submission of assignment or other required work.

Deep learning
Learning aimed at having students extract principles and underlying meanings in order to integrate them with previously acquired knowledge; contrast with surface learning.

Diagnostic test
Examination used to determine students current level of knowledge or skill to identify what course level they should be placed in or whether remediation is required.

Digital Versatile Disk (DVD)
High capacity computer disk the size of a CD-ROM but has a significantly higher storage capacity; typically used for storing movies.

Disadvantaged students
Students who have not had the same opportunities as other students entering a course of study and may need special Arrangements or additional assistance to prepare them for study; disadvantages may be due to physical or emotional problems or deficiencies caused by inequities in social conditions.

Extensive essay generally required at the completion of a doctoral program.

Distance education
Any format of education provided to students who do not need to be physically present at an institution; previously materials were sent to students but now materials are provided via computer conferencing, video, Internet, and other electronic means.

Distance learning
Learning completed via a distance education format.

Divergent assessment
Assessment based on emphasizing the ability of the student to develop additional skills than those specified in a clearly defined task; opposed to convergent assessment.

Varieties of different backgrounds of a group of individuals that often require using a variety of methods of instruction.

Process of transferring files from one computer to a user's computer.

Dual mode delivery
Education or training that can be provided either in a face-to-face format or in a distance education format.

See Digital Versatile Disk.

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