Educational SoftwareRemindMePro

License: Shareware ($15.00) Version 1.6.5
For: Mac OS 9.x / X Size: 1,500 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Adler Software

"RemindMePro keeps track of appointments and the like, based either on time and date or time and day of the week. It works in the background until the time you specified for a warning is reached and them it opens a small blinking window on top of all other windows and in the upper left corner of the desktop. When you come to a good stopping place click on it and it opens fully displaying your appointment. Click the next button to return it to the background. It can also notify you on your test messaging enabled cell phone."

Educational SoftwareiCal

License: Freeware Version 1.5.5
For: Mac OS X 10.2.3 Size: 5,960 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Apple

"iCal does for dates and schedules what iTunes does for music. You can use iCal to remind you of time commitments, keep track of your deadlines, set alarms, and create and prioritize to-do lists. You can locate events, tasks, and names with the built-in search function; display at-a-glance views of upcoming activities by day, week, or month; and set iCal to send you notifications on screen or by e-mail, telephone, or pager. You can share your calendars online using your .Mac account, and subscribe to other calendars to keep up with work schedules, family and school events, and so on. You can even send standards-based e-mail invitations to contacts in your Mac OS X Address Book."

Educational SoftwareiPlanner

License: Demo Version 1.0
For: Mac OS X 10.4 or later Size: 324 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: LutherSoft

"iPlanner bridges the gap between Apple's iCal calendar program and paper based day planners, such as Franklin/Covey and DayRunner. iCal has limited printing ability, and cannot support paper based day planners. iPlanner takes the data from iCal and formats it to fit onto your pre-printed day planner page. The todo items print in the task list, and the events print on the calendar."

Educational SoftwareReaderware

License: Trial (30-Day) Version 2.96
For: Mac OS X Size: 15,880 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Readerware

"The easiest, fastest way to catalog your books, music and videos. Nothing else comes close. Readerware auto-catalog lets you feed in a list of ISBNs, LCCNs, UPCs, or barcode scans. Readerware then does the rest, automatically searching the Web and cataloging your books, music, and videos. Readerware can merge information form multiple Web sites to build the most complete database possible, with cover art."

Educational SoftwarePerfectTablePlan

License: Shareware ($34.95) Version 2.1.2
For: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later Size: 3,960 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Oryx Digital

"PerfectTablePlan is the quick and easy way to produce a table plan for your wedding, party or event. Just add information about your guests (including who should sit near who), decide the sizes and shapes of the tables and click on the automatic layout button. PerfectTablePlan can also recalculate a new table plan if you get cancellations, saving you a lot of stress. It is so much easier than spending hours scribbling on bits of paper."

Educational SoftwareMulti Reminders

License: Freeware Version 2.58
For: Mac OS X 10.3 or later Size: 500 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Kevin Solway

"A program to remind you of birthdays, bill payments, and appointments. Reminders can be periodic (eg, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly). And you can specify how many days notice to give you. Checks for reminders every time you startup your computer. Create and print monthly wall calendars containing your reminders."