Educational SoftwareanAtlas

License: Freeware Version 1.5
For: Mac OS 8+ Size: 2,200 K
  Publisher: Harry Hooie Creations

"anAtlas is a simple yet powerful tool for locating places on Earth. Detailed results are listed and displayed on a map of the world. anAtlas can search its local database of over 60,000 places, or search more comprehensive databases via the Internet."

Educational SoftwareGeoGenius World

License: Shareware Version 1.0
For: Mac OS 7+ Size: 628 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: LittleFingers Software

In GeoGenius World edition your knowledge of world countries will be put to the test. The game is broken up by region, and by clicking on the full-color maps you'll be able to see all the countries of a particular region. The quiz portion of the program asks that you pinpoint where the countries are located.

Educational SoftwareThe Perils of Odysseus

License: Freeware Version 1.0
For: Mac OS 7.6+ Size: 337 K
  Publisher: Cheeze John

This is a simple game that shows some of the various places Odysseus traveled to in The Odyssey. It could be used for fun or a as a review for teachers or students.