Educational SoftwareSnakey Math

License: Shareware ($9.95) Version 2.2
For: Mac OS X Size: 3,970 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Curry K. Software

"Snakey Math is an educational game combining arithmetic practice with classic arcade action for one to four players. Compete against other players and/or computer-controlled snakes to eat answers to problems. Many math options including various number ranges, negatives, and mixed reviews. Features lots of music and background graphics, speedy, ethereal, and venomous power-ups for added fun. Includes answer elimination process to support effective learning."

Educational SoftwareBudget Planner

License: Shareware ($12.95) Version 1.4
For: Mac OS X Size: 856 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Snowmint Creative Solutions

"Budget Planner allows you to define the key events in a long term outlook, such as buying a new car, paying for college, and retiring. By changing the inflation rate, interest rate and savings goals the user can ask What if' types of questions."

Educational SoftwareCalcline

License: Shareware ($20.00) Version 1.1
For: Mac OS X, 10.4+ Size: 289 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Tension Software

"Calcline is a utility that lets digit mathematical expressions and have the result available in a snap. It is easy to use and is the ideal substitute of the ancient and obsolete desktop calculator. It is possible to insert standard expressions with parenthesis and using various nested functions. Variable assignment and reference inside expressions are very easy using an interactive table. Expressions are solved step-by-step showing all the mathematical passages. It can be used in two forms, as a very small window, which takes a minimum space of the desktop or in the expanded view, with the board showing the entire step in solving the expressions and a sliding drawer containing the table with the user variables. "

Educational SoftwareYoungStar Skills Expert: Math

License: Freeware Version 1.0.5
For: Mac OS X Size: 4,000 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Elementary Software

"A math facts review activity using a drag and drop interface. Combine up to 5 numbers with your choice of operation symbols and parenthesis to equal the target number. The game keeps a running score."

Educational SoftwareSysQuake LE

License: Freeware Version 1.3
For: Mac OS 8.1+ Size: 1,100 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Calerga

SysQuake LE is powerful software for scientific visualization that uses interactive graphics; in addition, it reveals insights into complex mathematical problems. SysQuake is a FREE program based on a Matlab-like mathematical language. Does not include low-level file i/o functions.

Educational SoftwareWorld Clock Deluxe

License: Shareware ($7.00) Version 1.0
For: Mac OS 7.0+ Size: 2,300 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Mabasoft

"ClockWorx ATW is a simple clock program that features up to 24 customizable time zone locations, a time zone map, and customizable color schemes. Great for teaching time and the concept of time zones!

Note: In this demo, customization is disabled. Registration costs $7."

Educational SoftwareFlashMath

License: Shareware ($15.00) Version 1.1
For: Mac OS 8.1+ Size: 1,400 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: St. Claire Software

"FlashMath is an easy-to-use flash card program that teaches basic math. Designed especially for computer-loving students, it intermittently interrupts their computer play to quiz them on a set of flash cards. The student's score on the quiz determines how long they can use the computer before the next quiz session. FlashMath is loaded with features and has been proven effective in the classroom and at home."

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