Educational SoftwareBooxter

License: Shareware ($14.99) Version 1.5.1
For: Mac OS X 10.2+ Size: 857 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Deep Prose Software

"Booxter gathers book information from various sources on the internet to allow you to view, edit, sort, categorize, export, and print books in your collection."

Educational SoftwarePanorama BackPacker

License: Freeware Version a0.8
For: Mac OS X, QuickTime 6.0 Size: 4,390 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Longfingers In Motion

"Application made for people who love to travel and see new places. There are more then 241 panoramas from different locations around the world. Features include: full screen, world map search, and easy navigation."

Educational SoftwareBookCase

License: Freeware Version 2.5.2
For: Mac OS X 10.2+ Size: 136 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Spacejock Software

"Track your books using dozens of fields!

Published City
Published Date
# of Pages
Book #
Dates Read
Book Type
Catalog #
When Purchased
Where Purchased
Purchase Price
Estimated Worth
Loaned To
Loaned When
Personal Notes
4 Custom Fields
* View list of you books by categories
* Export book information in plain text, HTML or bibliography format!
* Cross-reference your books with the "Library" feature
* Search your books
* Print information on your books"

Educational SoftwareCookWare Deluxe

License: Shareware ($19.95) Version 7.9
For: Mac OS 9.x/X Size: 2,830 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: DigitalFriedChicken

"CookWare is a cookbook that helps you easily organize your recipes. CookWare is designed to let you drag and drop recipes into it, making it super fast and easy to use. The ability to find a recipe in CookWare is second to none. You can find a recipe by using any combination of recipe name, course, region, ingredient, rating and more. It's simple and fast! Print single recipes or a menu, even a small index for quick reference. Or maybe you'd like to put your recipes into a three-ring binder. CookWare will print tab-like descriptions for each recipe so you can easily find them. You can add details to a recipe such as a photo, notes and much more."

Educational SoftwareMaquarium

License: Shareware ($12.00) Version 1.6
For: Mac OS X 10.2+ Size: 1,240 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Everyday Software

"Maquarium is aquarium management software for the novice or expert fish keeper. It allows users to track chemicals, schedule tasks, keep notes, and manage inventory. Maquarium features a fish profile database, which is always being updated and helps you track and maintain the delicate needs of all the fish in the tank. Furthermore, Maquarium helps the novice by warning users of dangerously high chemical values and the recommended course of treatment."

Educational SoftwareGrammarian Pro

License: 15-day trial Version 1.5
For: Mac OS X 10.2+ Size: 12,600 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Linguisoft

"Grammarian Pro X is a universal, interactive grammar checking, spelling checking, dictionary, autocorrect, and autotype tool that works with virtually every program on your computer. Grammarian Pro X works interactively or in batch correction mode and automatically starts working in your applications to correct spelling, grammar, phrase usage, and punctuation. Use the built-in dictionary assistant to look up definitions and verify the correct choice of words. AutoCorrection corrects many spelling mistakes automatically as you type. Also, create AutoType shorthand macros that will automatically type your commonly used signature phrases. Vertsion 1.5 features new Thesaurus Lookup. New spelling and grammar document checking windows and interface feature an error view drawer with error links to easily see and select errors, dictionary/thesaurus assistant drawer, options toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts."

Educational SoftwareCandyBar

License: Shareware ($12.95) Version 1.5.2
For: Mac OS X 10.1 Size: 3,560 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: IconFactory

"CandyBar lets you quickly, easily, and safely change the default icons in Mac OS X. Change toolbar icons in the Mac OS X Finder, customize folders, clipping icons, locations, and even the OS X Trash icon. You can now attach an author's name, e-mail, and URLs to iContainers. Jaguar Open/Drop folder states are supported. Customized Finder and Trash icons now stick better. Version 1.5.2 is qualified for use with Mac OS X 10.2.6."

Educational SoftwareiNotePad

License: Shareware ($14.00) Version 2.0.1
For: Mac OS X + Size: 455 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: VoJou Software

"iNotePad 2 is the definitive alternative to Apple Classic NotePad. It has many more features but it keeps simplicity and ease of use of Classic Note Pad. It can store text notes with styles and pictures, print them, export them to iPod or publish them to Internet. You can also protect note with AES-128 encryption. And, it's really easy to use!"

Educational SoftwareiPhoto

License: Freeware Version 4.0.3
For: Mac OS X 10.2.6+ Size: 5,900 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Apple

"Whether you have twenty or twenty thousand digital photos, iPhoto 4 keeps track of them all, automatically organizing them so you can find them fast. Lightning fast. Easy to use, iPhoto puts you in charge of your photographs--helping you import them, organize them into albums, enhance their appearance, as well as, share them in print, via email, over the web and in stunning coffee-table books."

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