How to Encourage Student Reading and Literacy

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How to Encourage Student Reading and Literacy

In this video we look at what the research says and also offer a great number of tips for Parents and Teachers.

What the research says:

  1. Reading ability and feelings toward reading are related.
  2. Forcing children to read yields poor results.
Tips for parents to encourage reading:
  1. Be Role Models- Read often with children and on your own.
  2. Book Allowances- You can use the library or purchase new books for your children to their liking.
  3. Assure Kids That Read Has a Purpose- Reading is not a chore. We read to gain insight into things we don't understand.
  4. Read Aloud- Family reading nights are great!
  5. Create a family newsletter, web site, and/or blog- Kids love to use technology. Technology requires a great deal of reading.
Tips for teachers to encourage reading:
  1. Encourage Student Pen Pal Exchanges- Check our message board. Teachers are constantly meeting other Pen Pal classes that way.
  2. Reading Scavenger Hunt- When students read in a competitive setting, you would be surprised how fast they retain information.
  3. Read & Share- Have students share their thoughts with the class.
  4. Class Newspaper- This allow students to further explore their interests.
  5. Class Web Site- Have students manage an updated record of what is going on in your class. If anyone is absent, it really helps.
  6. Organize a Book Exchange- Week 1: Students bring in as many used books as they would like. They receive 1 credit for each book they bring in. Week 2: For every credit the students have they can take one book from the exchange.

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