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Wishful PennyThe Wishful Penny Teacher Resource Guide and Activities

Follow a penny through the travels of pockets worldwide. We follow minting of the penny through to modern times.

  1. 'A Brief History of the Penny'
  2. Americans for Common Cents
  3. Penny Lovers of America
  4. Read Chapter One of The Wishful Penny
  5. Lemonade Stand
  6. Money - FirstGov for Kids
  7. Money Math - Addition Workbook
  8. Money Math - Subtraction Workbook
  9. Money Math Worksheet Maker

Fun Activities

  1. Basic Word Problems
  2. Counting Money 1
  3. Money Web Quest
  4. Shove 'Ha Penny

Lessons Owl Lesson Plans

  1. Learn English With Penny Lane
  2. Money Instructor
  3. Teaching Money

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