China Lesson Plan Ideas

The People of China

A wide range of activities for learning about the people of China. Includes multiple choice and open response questions. Also includes reading passages on the people of China, and the modern life ofChinese boys and girls.

Geography and Climate of China

We provide reading passages and maps for learning the key cities of China. We also look at the climate of the region.

China Lesson Plan Ideas

Here are some great ways to incorporate China in your class.

1. Make origami animals that represent students´ personalities.

2. Write names using calligraphy.

3. Have a debate on censorship.

4. Construct a “Great Wall”.

5. Make cultural statues.

6. Create a dancing dragon.

7. Make Chinese lanterns.

8. Make homework scrolls.

9. Compare and contrast life in China.

10. Send letters to Chinese pen pals.