Websites For Learning All About The Rainforest

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Plant Life Teaching Theme Science Literacy- Plant Life
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  1. Amazonia Fun Quest - A kid-safe place to learn about the people, plants and animals of the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest. Offers activities, games, puzzles and fun information about the Negro River area of Brazil.
  2. Chunky Monkey's Rain-Forest Friends - Read about a few of the creatures that call the rain forest their home. And while you're at it, learn how to draw them as well.
  3. Cyber-Starters, Rainforest Workbook
  4. How a Rainforest Works - Photographic tour of a tropical rainforest shows what makes it such a bountiful environment for plants and animals.
  5. Live From The Rainforest - A virtual expedition into the heart of our planet's largest rainforest, guided by some of the world's leading biologists.
  6. Sandy Wiseman's Photo-Journey Through a Costa Rican Rainforest - Shares an exquisite journey through a tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, near the Rara Avis lodge.
  7. Save The Rainforest - Fact sheets, photos, and ideas about ways to help save the rainforest.
  8. Sounds of the Rainforest- Features the sounds of nature including birds, the environment, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.
  9. Tropical Rain Forests- Tropical rain forests once blanketed the Earth like a wide green belt around the equator. Now they're disappearing at a rate of 93,000 square miles per year. Find out why they're important and learn what's destroying them.