The Affects of Volcanoes

- Fantastic Series
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Volcano Eruption

Volcanic Eruptions Lesson Set

- Why Do They Erupt?
- Skill Builders

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Natural Disasters 1 Volcano Worksheets
Natural Disasters 2 Volcanic Eruptions Lesson Series
Puzzle Series: Tsunami Theme Volcanoes and Earth Lesson Series
Science Literacy The Effects of Volcanoes Series
Volcano Theme What's A Volcano? Lesson Series

Volcano Lesson Plans

  1. Gelatin Volcanoes- To understand how and why magma moves inside volcanoes.
  2. Geological Cycles - The learner will build an understanding of geological cycles, forces, processes and agents which shape the lithosphere.
  3. How to Make a Volcano Model- The model below is an example of a simple, effective way to recreate a volcanic eruption. Warning: Be careful when handling ingredients. Children should be supervised by an adult. Ingredients should be kept away from the eyes.
  4. Introduction to Volcanoes - Students will identify what they know about volcanoes and what they would like to learn about volcanoes.
  5. Lava Layering- To learn about the stratigraphy of lava flows produced by multiple eruptions.
  6. Pedal Power - In this lesson, students investigate slope as a rate of change. Students compare, contrast, and make conjectures based on distance-time graphs for three bicyclists climbing to the top of a mountain.
  7. Piles of Fire- To investigate how particle size affects the angle of a volcano's slope.
  8. Types of Volcanic Landforms - Student groups become experts on one type of volcano and teach the class about their volcano.
  9. Viscosity- To determine how fluid a liquid really is by measuring its viscosity.
  10. VOLCANOES GUIDED READING 1 - Students' will create volcano mini-books based upon new information given in text, and identify the cause/effect relationships (chain of events) addressing the following: What is a volcano? What causes a volcano to erupt?
  11. Volcano Hazards: Describing a Dangerous Mix- In this lesson, students will work cooperatively to become "Volcano Hazards Experts." Groups will research and create posters illustrating dangers from volcanic eruptions, as well as determine the dangers of specific volcanic eruptions.
  12. Volcanoes - Students will be able to create a concept map describing the volcano type assigned and give a presentation to the class or small group.
  13. Volcanoes Modules Page- A complete unit.
Water Series

What's A Volcano?

- How do they form?
- Anatomy and Differences

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Volcanoes and Earth

Volcanoes and Earth Lesson Series

- The Pacific Ring of Fire
- How They Help Each Other

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