The Affects of Volcanoes

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Volcano Eruption

Volcanic Eruptions Lesson Set

- Why Do They Erupt?
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Forces Of Nature Teaching Theme Puzzle Series: Tsunami Theme
Tsunami Worksheets Tsunami Teaching Theme

Tsunami Lesson Plans

  1. Killer Wave: Tsunami- Read about Tsunamis at this National Geographic WORLD site. See how Tsunamis form, hear an eyewitness account from someone who survived a Tsunami, and more.
  2. Let's Make Waves- Children use wind to create waves and marbles to model energy moving through water.
  3. Living Landscapes: Are You a Disaster?- In this lesson, students will compare the impact of different types of disasters on the lives of the people affected by them. This assignment will require students to create a model using their own art supplies for homework.
  4. Monster Waves- Students construct a tabletop village to visualize the relative height and effects of tsunamis.
  5. The Physical Geography of East Asia "Tsunamis"- Students will visit PBS Online's feature about tsunamis to learn how tsunamis work, what causes them, what their effects are, and what steps countries have taken to try to defend against them.
  6. The Three Little Pigs in Earthquake Land- This lesson teaches students some of the basics of earthquakes and volcanoes and helps them to think about how to prepare for them.
  7. Waves of Destruction: Tsunamis- This web site is a companion piece to the PBS series on the Savage Earth but it can stand alone as well. Included is information on how tsunamis are formed and what makes them dangerous. There are also explanatory pictures and animation.
  8. You Don't Need a Seismograph to Study Earthquakes- Earthquakes are difficult to predict. Most of our scientific investigation occurs after the event. Increasingly, scientists are discovering ways to predict and prevent loss of life associated with these phenomena. This lesson will help students to understand earthquakes.
Water Series

All About Water

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Forces of Nature Lesson Series

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