Genetics Lesson Plans

  1. Animal Hybridization - In this lesson students will examine the possibilities of animal hybridization by creating profiles of possible animal hybrids.
  2. Beans and Genes/Genetic Probability- Demonstrates expected genetic ratios.
  3. DNA Extraction with Kitchen Chemistry- Students will learn that you can extract DNA from various foods that are found in your refrigerator. This lesson is designed for middle school grades.
  4. DNA/Genetics- Helps students understand DNA, which is the genetic material for every person and every other living thing.
  5. Genetics and Heredity - Students will understand that genes come in pairs, and that one set of genes is contributed by the mother, while the other, corresponding set of genes is contributed by the father.
  6. Groovy DNA Beads- The main objective of this mini-teach is provide students with a hands-on experience matching DNA nitrogenous base pairs, arranging nucleotides into codons, and visualizing the size of a single gene.
  7. Inheritance in Maize (Indian Corn)- To determine the genotypes of parents from the phenotypic ratios of their offspring.
  8. Monstrous Mutations- To understand and observe mutations. To recognize and adapt to mutations.
  9. People Are Like Peas in a Pod- To promote student understanding of how dominant traits, recessive traits, genotypes, and phenotypes help produce variation in a population.
  10. Principles of Heredity- To understand the idea of dominant and recessive genes. To understand the role of chance in the inheritance of traits.
  11. Traits- Students will understand that certain physical traits are inherited from their parents through the genes.
  12. Wearing My Genes: Basic Principles of Heredity- Predict the results of a monohybrid genetic cross using the Punnett Square.