Introduction to the Scientific Method

- Real World Scenarios
- Practice Each Step

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Scientific Method

Application of the Scientific Method

- Great Skill Builders
- Guides Students

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Archaeology Lesson Plans

Dinosaur Lesson Plans

Earth Day

Earth's Environment Series

- Global Warming
- The Greenhouse Effect

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Water Series

All About Water

- Compound of Life
- Everything You Need!

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  1. PAST Foundation- Kids, teachers, and archaeology make for a great learning combination. We link k-12 kids with local archaeologists to bring archaeology into schools and communities around the globe. We promote new field projects and link them back into the schools while facilitating new discoveries.
  2. Garbology: Whose Trash Is It? - Students will apply their understanding of the scientific method to a study of garbology by developing a hypothesis about what information they should gain from sorting through a garbage bag, making and recording observations of garbage contents, followed by making and recording inferences based on those observations, and finally defending how their inferences relate to their hypothesis.

Forces of Nature Lesson Series

- Excellent Series
- Reading Activities

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Endangered Animals Series

- Top 10 Endangered Animals
- A Great Series

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