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  1. Go Team USA! - The Franklin Institute Spotlight falls on topics that may interest science educators and science enthusiasts alike. Each Spotlight story incorporates outside Web resources into a conceptual package that may be useful in a science classroom or just fun to explore at home.
  2. Keyboarding Olympics - Elementary students use friendly competition with olympics-type awards to increase their keyboarding skills.
  3. Fractions in the Olympics- "To provide practice in adding fractions with like and unlike denominators."
  4. Mark Twain Olympics - The purpose of this activity is to use the Olympic Theme to promote an "all school" interdisciplinary event as a culmination of the school year.
  5. Olympic Counting - I watched the Olympic Games on TV and saw those great athletes who had exercised their muscles and practiced so long to be good enough to join in the Olympic Games.
  6. Olympic Field Day - The purpose of this event is to provide a theme-based field day every four years that helps celebrate the Summer Olympics.
  7. Olympic Games for Kids- This is an opportunity for young children to get acquainted with the Olympic Games, but most importantly the central message during the activities is one of friendship and peace.
  8. Olympic Leaders- "Each student will research the accomplishments of one Olympic athlete."
  9. Olympic Training Center- "How can biomechanics help an athlete?"
  10. Our Anthem - They use the melody of America/"My Country 'Tis of Thee" to cooperatively brainstorm and write their own town or school anthem.
  11. PEACElympics - The purpose is to provide a developmentally appropriate field day experience for all children while targeting peace education and environmental awareness objectives.
  12. Nursery Rhyme Olympics- "To create games for young children to play based on the current unit and learn about the Olympic games at the same time."
  13. What Are the Modern Olympics?- "Students will learn about the history of the Modern Olympic Games."
  14. Winter Olympic Games Project- To have students learn about the Winter Olympic Games by tracking a particular event.
  15. Winter Olympic History Year By Year- "Historic stats about the Winter Olympic Games provide the data. Students create the chart. Teaching master included."
  16. Write a Letter to Jesse Owens- "Student will learn about the accomplishments of Jesse Owens."

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