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  1. Field of Fun Day - To provide an end of the year event showcasing many of the different activities taught during our classes as well as some activities just for fun.
  2. Fifty States Field Day - To partake in a fun field day while at the same time learning about each of the 50 United States.
  3. Fun Through Fitness Day - The purpose of this activity is for students of all ages to participate in a cooperative, fun event. They will participate in different types of activities involving fitness, teamwork, cooperative games, etc.
  4. Olympic Field Day - The purpose of this event is to provide a theme-based field day every four years that helps celebrate the Summer Olympics.
  5. Pirate PE Field Day - The purpose of this event is to enjoy a day of fun movement activities.
  6. The Joy of Community- "The purpose of this community theme is for students to engage in community related activities as a way of recognizing and thanking local merchants, and raising awareness regarding what resources are available in the local and neighboring area for students and their families to seek out."
  7. Sports and Fitness Festival- To extend the physical education curriculum beyond what can be offered in regular PE classes and to expose students to new sports and activities which lead them to a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Survivor Island Field Day- "The purpose was to provide children with the opportunity to use the teamwork and leadership skills they learned in our cooperative learning unit in a real situation."
  9. Wacky Olympics- "To have students enjoy a fun field day near the end of the school year. "
  10. "Where The Wild Things Are" Field Day- This year our Reading Incentive Program is based on the Caldecot Medal winning book, "Where the Wild Things Are". This field day is an effort to collaborate in the school-wide program

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