Insect/Spider Place Value Lesson Plan


insects, spiders, place value, tens, hundreds, thousands, rounding

Goals: Aims

Continuing to use insects and spiders as a theme, the students learn about place value. Since they are so connected to this theme, the concept will become more meaningful and thus, be more easily internalized.


After the teacher presents various insect/spider facts with various numbers, the students will identify the specific place values of numbers (ie: tens, hundreds thousands, etc).


worksheet with various insect facts, pencils, white boards, dry erase markers


A. Introduction-

1. The teacher lets students know that they will be learning various insect facts that involve numbers.

2. The students will identify the different place values.

B. Development-

1.The teacher presents an insect fact: There is a particular spider that grows up to 34 inches in length.

2. She then asks "which number is in the ones place?": 4, "the tens place?":

3. "Now if I round this number to the nearest ten, what would that be?": 30

C. Practice-

1. The teacher presents a different insect fact involving numbers and has the students determine the place value of each number.

2.The students and teacher together, round the number to the nearest hundred.

D. Independent Practice-

1. The teacher hands out a worksheet with various insect facts involving numbers with place values ranging from one to one-thousand.

2. The students determine the place value of each number as required on the worksheet.

3.The students round to the nearest ten, hundred,or thousand as required by the worksheet.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Certain students may only be required to round to the nearest ten.

2. Rather than completing the entire page, certain students may only be required to complete a portion of the page.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. The teacher uses white boards during the 'practice' phase and has students share their answers with her.

2. The teacher collects the worksheet and evaluates it for accuracy.

G. Closure-

The teacher reviews the concepts of place value and rounding by having students share a couple of problems from the worksheet.


A live practice session will be ready for students when they return for their next class.