Who Wants Pizza? Fraction Lesson Plan


The children will apply their knowledge of fractions from lesson one to design and divide a pizza using technology.

Vocabulary Words: numerator, denominator,halves,thirds, quarters,fifths,sixths, sevenths and eighths.

Goals: Aims

1.Using technology,have the children identify properly how they have divided their pizza both orally and written using fractions.

2.Have the children compare fractions using the pizza.


1.Comparing fractions of the same whole like denominator.

2.Explaining that a fraction is part of a whole.

3.Describing situations where fractions are used.


Microsoft Windows -shapes

Smart Board


A. Introduction-

1.Ask how many students like to eat pizza and what would be their favorite toppings.

2.Using the Smart Board you can show some different images of pizza.

3.Using a red circle to represent a pizza, place on some blocks and ask them what these could be on a real pizza.(10 minutes)

B. Development-

Using the Smart Board you can review the different fractions that the children will be using. Using the program downloaded from Smart Board resources,you can show the slide show about fractions and practice as a whole class the fractions presented.

(15 minutes)

C. Practice-

1.In the Commuter Lab,have the students practice fractions on their own using the program NLVM(National Library Video Manipulatives )

2.Present the Microsoft Windows program using shapes and ask the to find different shapes that could be used on their pizza. (10 minutes)

D. Independent Practice-

1.Ask them to begin their pizza by drawing a large circle and adding shapes for their toppings.

2.Once their pizza is finished ask them using the lines under shapes to divide the pizza equally into quarters.

3. Ask them draw another pizza the same size(using control D ) but this time make it look like 3/4 of the pizza has been eaten.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

Students that need extra time can have as much time as they need. I will also have a teachers' aide for this class period.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. I will do a quick informal quiz to check that everyone knows what they are doing.

G. Closure-

1. What were their observations? What represents more pizza 4/4 or 1/4? How would they write the part of the pizza that was eaten in a form of a fraction?


The practice session will end with a ten question quiz and essay portion in the math journal.