Input Output Rules and Functions Lesson Plan


Input Output tables, addition, multiplication, subtraction, division

Goals: Aims

1. Students will solve for missing numbers and the missing rule or function in an input/output table.

2. Students will use story problems to solve for missing numbers and rules/functions in an input/output table.


MN Standard: Use single-operation input-output rules to represent patterns and relationships and to solve real-world and mathematical problems. Benchmark: Create, describe, and apply single-operation input-output rules involving addition, subtraction and multiplication to solve problems in various contexts.


document camera, smartboard, block/shapes as manipulatives, my own demonstration worksheet, guided practice worksheet, independent worksheet, rulers


A. Introduction-

3 min.

1. Two students pass out 10 shapes to each student.

2. Ask them if they are familiar with TV shows that have people morph into someone or something else.

3. Ask if they've seen a movie that used time machines.

4. I give them a couple simple input/output problems verbally. Raise their hands to solve.

5. Remind them if finish early, read a book or write a poem. REMAIN SEATED & DON'T ANNOUNCE.

B. Development-

10 min.

1. Show if works.

2. Using document camera, I have students use manipulative shapes to solve each demo problem with me. (display my demo worksheet and use student's shapes as example)

Step 1: Create input number with shapes

Step 2: Create output number

Step 3: What did your hands do to create the new output number? (separate what you added or keep what you removed in your hand)

3. On my demo worksheet, they solve some without manipulative shapes as a class.

C. Practice-

15 min.

1. Distribute Guided Practice worksheet.

2. Students work in groups at their desks.


4. I walk about room to monitor periodically as I provide extra supervision/help to students in my group.

5. As they are on last few problems, I'll collect shapes.

D. Independent Practice-

3 min.

1. Students return to their own desks.

2. Two students pass out independent work.

3. Explain to them Video game Math. Levels 1, 2, 3, and Final. Each level means you have beat the Math and are morphed into a stronger hero.

4. Levels- Commissioner, Batgirl, Robin, & Batman

5. Explain to them Monday attendance corresponds with what superhero level they reached. Sign name beside the hero level that you reached in this Math homework.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1. ESL: careful explanations, I walk about to monitor and give support, working in groups gives more support.

2. Learning disability: same as #1. Also, lower students work with me in a group during Guided Practice.

3. Hearing: handouts given and document camera.

4. Sight: Verbal explanations and instructions.

5. Accelerated: Higher superhero levels offered in Independent Practice including a division challenge problem.

F. Checking for understanding-

1. I walk about to monitor and check for understanding.

2. Independent Practice will also help with this.

G. Closure-

Students put their homework away and clear desks.


We will take a quick assessment in the morning. I would say a minimum of ten questions and grade it in class.