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  1. Journalisam Unit - To assist students by joining and working in teams, also to learn the conduct and presicion of being on a demanded schedule.
  2. Mr. Smith E-Mails The Media(sm) presented by INFOSEARCH, Inc.- This site provides a graphical interface to let you send a "Letter to the Editor" to a variety of publications.
  3. PROJECT: JOURNALISM- Providing 16 projects for thinking, problem solving, and creativity, this set of reproducible handouts assigns numerous tasks journalists perform daily to help students develop writing skills.
  4. School Newspaper Unit- Students will research and write articles that will be published in an electronic newspaper.
  5. Student Newspaper Project- The "Student Newspaper" project is a program that describes the many facets of creating a newspaper.
  6. Student Newspaper Project- Create a student newspaper.
  7. The Wonders of Weather - The study of weather patterns and how they differ throughout the United States.
  8. V.I.J Very Important Journalists - Students will write a short journalistic paragraph telling the who, what, where, when, why and how this person became a noted journalist.

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