Which U.S. presidential candidate's policy will most benefit U.S. classrooms?

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Which U.S. presidential candidate's policy will most benefit U.S. classrooms?
George W. Bush
John Kerry

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Politics are such a divisive issue and these polls results are just an extension of what we see in the country as a whole. The votes for John Kerry and George W. Bush are almost identical in this setting indicating that equal numbers believe that either presidential candidate will most benefit classrooms.

People vote the way they vote for a host of reasons and many arguments have erupted over voting choice. Die hard Republicans will never understand why Democrats vote the way they do and vice versa. Whenever an election is underway all parties involved make campaign promises that they live up to with varying success. Deciding who will most benefit U.S. classrooms is based on historic decisions, current campaign promises, and party platforms. The fact that an almost equal number of teachers voted for both of the named candidates is telling. In people's opinions these parties and candidates must have relatively equal pasts with regard to educational decisions and both candidates have made campaign promises. Which decisions a teacher agreed with or which promises sounded better is what influenced the way people voted - the same as it does during the election.

One interesting fact to note about this poll is the relatively small number of respondents. Voter apathy isn't just seen on Election Day, but even affects informal polls like this one. Some people may not care either way who gets elected because it never makes much difference. Things are going to hell in a hand basket and it doesn't much matter who's sitting in the Oval Office when it happens. This is a common feeling and accounts for a lot of voter apathy. Others firmly believe in the democratic system and exercise their right to vote even if they don't feel strongly about either candidate. Still others are strongly in favour of one candidate over the other and will often help out with local campaigns in an effort to get their candidate elected.

Whether John Kerry or George W. Bush gets elected president doesn't matter to this poll. Either way over a third of the respondents will get their wish. The question then becomes how will the President benefit classrooms and will he live up to his campaign promises.