Java Applets

Java Applets are small programs can be added to your web pages to allow for greater interactivity.

  1. AlexWarp - A Java applet, including source code, that lets you warp Bill Gates' face (or, indeed, anyone else's).
  2. Amazing Spiro - An applet for making spirograph-like drawings; supports saving. Source available on request.
  3. Applet Depot- Free Java applets for web pages.
  4. Appletside- A collection of applets such as counters, chat, and games. Some have source code available. There are samples of useful Java code for developers.
  5. BrainCode Java Applets- PowerHouse Java applets (free and pro versions). Stunning slideways slideshow applet, JavaScript controlled applet.
  6. provides free top-quality Java multi-media, animation, and utility applets with free download kits.
  7. Formerly Java Phone Book, a starting point to many Java resources on the net. Here you'll find a directory to Java applets of all types, Java tutorials, references, articles, etc.
  8. JARS: Java Applet Rating Service- Searchable Collection of Java applets and class libraries judged "Top 1%", Top 5% .Good place to start looking for Java applets and class libraries.
  9. A suite of navigation and menu applets as well as free scrollers for web developers.
  10. Online Image editor - One may create or edit a picture directly at a Web page. A picture may be uploaded/downloaded to/from a server in PNG format. Installation assistance.[Commercial/Evaluation]
  11. 3Quarks - Colorful applets with source code and a comprehensive description of the applet parameters. The applets are written in Java 1.0 and thus available problem-free on all Java enabled browsers.
  12. RChart - Java applet and classes to create more than 10 different types of charts: linechart, piechart, barchart, radar, candlestick. [Commercial]
  13. textscroller - Vertical text scroller (java applet).
  14. ViewTIFF - Applet that allows the viewing of color or black and white TIFF documents through the Internet. [Commercial, w/ demo version]
  15. WStar - Lines and circles.