Free Icons

  1. Anthony's Icon Archive- Classic graphics archive with arrows, balls, buttons, and many standard icons.
  2. Cool Archive- Huge free archive of over 4000+ categorized icons.
  3. - Developer of Windows versions of Iconfactory icon sets. A little small, however, wide variety.
  4. Entity Free Desktop Icons - Original desktop icons for Windows and Macintosh.
  5. Gav's Icon Fair - Free Windows icons made by Gav including vehicles, AFL and animals.
  6. Hyperflame Icons - Several colourful icons for Mac and PC.
  7. Icon Amazons - Gallery of Mac and Windows icons created by female iconists.
  8. IconMania - Provides free icons for Windows user, Patriotic, Celebrity, and Windows XP icons that can be used in any Windows operating system.
  9. Iconoweb - Collection of 16-color, 32 by 32 pixel icons, both in .ico and .gif formats.
  10. Icons for Microsoft Windows - A complete collection and program holding over 20,000 icons for Windows which have been stored in more than 150 unique groups.
  11. - The Global Virtual Internet site icon page with links to many different categories to choose from.
  12. Iconstree - Free original icons and cursors for the Mac and PC. Also skins, and wallpapers to customize the desktop.
  13. Jeffery Zeldman's Icons- Growing collection of icons for web or desktop use.
  14. Leo's Icon Archive - Collection of icon sets, of over 7000 high quality icons in GIF and ico format. For PC (zip) or MAC (sit/hqx) provided by the authors with all original readme files.
  15. Linux Icons - Penguin icons in Windows ICO and PNG format.
  16. MediaBuilder Icon Library- Well-organized icon library.
  17. Pardon My Icons - Collection of icons for web sites, or specially formatted packages for Mac, Windows, or Unix desktop.
  18. Top Icons - Free icons for Windows and Mac. The best original icons of cartoons, sports, animals and system.
  19. Windows Icons WebRing - A webring for sites that deals with windows icons.
  20. Zapaticons - Theme icons for you desktop are available for the Amiga, Windows, Mac, and BeOS. Pulse interesting wallpaper.