Animated GIFs

  1. A+ Art- Over 600 animations in this archive. As well as a link directory to other art related sites.
  2. AGAG (Animated Gifs Artists Guild)- The Animated Gif Artist Guild (AGAG) is devoted to maintaing a standard of excellence in gif animation, and has an archive of hundreds of free gifs for your web page.
  3. Animated Surrealistic graphics- Free Surrealistic plastic animations, computer generated graphics, created by Isidoros Printezis.
  4. Animation Arthouse- Original and cute animated fantasy style gifs.
  5. Animation Factory- Thousands of free 3D animated gifs, clipart and graphics. Flags, buttons, dividers, icons, bullets, animals, and people.
  6. Arcadia Animations- Royalty free animated GIF's and backgrounds all with fast loading thumbnails.
  7. Artist For Hire: Animation Directory- Dozens of free original animated GIF.
  8. The Clip Art Connection- Mostly animated gifs.
  9. Cool Archive- Free archive of hundreds of gif animations.
  10. Creative Design Animated Gif Gallery- Animated gifs archive listed alphabetically.
  11. Dragon's Free Web Graphics- Free animated gifs and other useful web page authoring objects.
  12. DreamArtists- Free gif animations and a valuable resource for creating animation for the web.
  13. Free Animated Graphics and Backgrounds- Hundreds of free animated graphics, backgrounds.
  14. Media Motion- 3D animated gifs and animated gif design services.
  15. animations- A large graphic resource, providing a large archive of animated gifs.